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2015-10-23 06:50:59

Drainspotting is all about paying attention to your surroundings. Manhole covers, drains, grates, trench covers--someone had to design all of these. Functional and ornamental, there's a lot of interesting stuff happening down by your feet. Check it out.

If you'd like to contribute photos, create an account and upload away!

Josh Larios
2010-08-23 16:39:15
If you're looking for the companion site to Remo Camerota's book, it's at http://drainspottingbook.blogspot.com/. I really need to update this site.
Josh Larios
2007-06-07 14:06:10
Using Yahoo Pipes, Iíve created an rss feed of manhole cover photos from Flickr. Itís a pretty simple pipeline, searching for a bunch of different tags and scanning several manhole cover photo pools for new additions. The cool thing about it is that it filters out the duplicates that occur when someone posts a photo and then puts it in a bunch of pools, something that I hadnít been easily able to do with anything else. The link above is for RSS, but if you want it in another format, there are plenty at the info page.
Josh Larios
2005-02-20 18:20:58
Added the option of giving your photos a Creative Commons license. More details are on the copyright page.
Josh Larios
2005-01-29 16:42:27
First major functionality update in years: I added searching and tagging. You can tag your own images; clicking on a tag will show you other images with that tag. The search form searches tags, city, state, country, photographer and description.
Josh Larios
2003-08-27 17:33:12
No new functionality, but I did redesign the navigation bar a bit, and add the fab logo Dave Rumfelt sent us. I threw together a quick logo credits page, but I'm not sure where to link to it from just yet.
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2015-11-11 22:29:22